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I have been honored to serve Mississippi students as a school nurse for 15 years in two different school districts. I began as the EPSDT nurse for East Tallahatchie School District where I later became the lead nurse and school health coordinator for the school district with a maximum enrollment of approximately 2,500 students.

To become closer to my very active child attending Grenada Middle School at the time, I made a change and was hired by Grenada School District through the School Nurse Intervention Grant in the traditional school nurse role along with EPSDT (Cool Kids Program) nurse duties and as the GMS school health coordinator. Being the first full-time school nurse at GMS has been a challenging and tremendously rewarding job. Along with serving the 1,200 students at Grenada Middle School, I also provide care when needed to students at Grenada High School and the Grenada Enrichment and Transition Center.

I was educated in public schools in a rural area, and have worked in public/community health in rural areas my entire career. I will forever be a public health nurse at heart and believe in providing compassionate and empathetic care to Mississippi's students. My belief of quality education changing communities for the better fuels my passion for school nursing. Recognizing the unique needs of communities, creating therapeutic relationships with my students and their families, helping to maximize my students' abilities to utilize their right to be educated in a safe, healthy environment is essential to my practice of nursing.