MSNA Executive Committee

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If you are a member of MSNA, you may send an email to a member of the executive committee.  To send a message to a member of the executive committee, click on the member's name and then select SEND MESSAGE.

Stephanie CokerStephanie Coker, President

Johnna McKinley
Johnna Mckinley, Secretary

Kacey Chappell
Kasey Chappell, Treasurer

Rosemary Reed
Rosemary Reed, Convention Chair

Jill Zattoni, Education Chair (not pictured)

Jennifer Brent, Membership Chair (not pictured)

Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson, Publicity Chair

Shawn Smith, NCSN Liaison (not pictured)

Sheri Selby
Sheri Shelby, NASN Director

MNA Liaison

Office of Healthy Schools