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Remembering Mary Sprayberry

By Stephanie Coker, BSN, RN posted 06-27-2020 12:53

Mary Sprayberry (middle)MSNA is saddened to hear an effective advocate for Mississippi students and Mississippi School Nurses passed away. The School Nurse community knows Mary Sprayberry (pictured in the middle) as one of the great School Nurses of Mississippi.

The following statement from Estelle Watts, former MSNA President, and former MDE School Nurse Consultant, describes Nurse Sprayberry and her pivotal role in the lives of Mississippi's students:

"Mary Sprayberry was instrumental in the passage of the School Nurse legislation and was named in that legislation. All of MS School Nurses stand on the shoulders of this lady, and others. Mary understood the need for more school nurses supporting MS children."

Our thoughts are with Nurse Sprayberry's family and loved ones. She will be greatly missed.